Croydon Nutritionist Wins TV Fertility Baby Race

Optimum Nutritionists Winning Natural Fertility Program

The GMTV LK Today show on ITV Television (wednesday 18th July) followed a TV competition between three couple's and their therapists in a race to get pregnant. One couple were being helped by an accupuncturist, one couple followed an IVF program a third couple embarked on a natural fertility nutrition program - it was the couple with the improved diet that won.

Croydon Nutrition therapist and fertility expert Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life provided the couple who were using natural nutrition with the winning fertility program.

Yvonne reveals that nutrition therapy is by far the most effective in most cases of infertility with claims as high as an 80% success rate.

She says "The best thing about natural fertility nutrition therapy is that their are no negative side effects. Some of the drugs and hormones used in assisted conception techniques can make patients feel quite ill and stressed. Not only are the odds of pregnancy much higher with nutrition therapy but the potential side effects are all positive things such as balanced weight, more energy, better skin, better mood, and a healthier baby."