Milk Not Suitable for Kids

BBC NEWS | Health | Advertising ban on milk: " FSA's profiling model on all other supermarket milk and none of it would, by the FSA's definition, have been able to be advertised to kids.' " said a spokesman for Asda

London nutritionist Yvonne Bishop Weston says "Cows milk is not suitable for babies, and even if an older child is undernourished there are better foods they can eat that are still calorie dense but offer a better balance of the essential nutrients that humans need"


Hallelujah! Let’s get this crap off the shelves altogether. There’s only one thing cow’s milk is good for and that’s calves. And, with all the antibiotics, hormones and other toxic junk in cow’s milk today, it’s not even good for calves anymore ( Dairy boards worldwide are so powerful, however, they’ve managed to convince mankind for generations that we need the stuff to survive.