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How long have we been telling couples with Infertility problems they need to first look at diets for fertility ?? ("Improve diets with nutrition not IVF" Say Foods for Life June 2005)

ITV's Tonight programme with Sir Trevor McDonald tonight revealed that simple changes to diet can make a dramtic difference to fertility.

The ITV Tonight program took 11 men from the Lotus 11 Portsmouth Sunday Pub League and put the men and their sperm under the microscope with the help of London nutritionists.

The fast food burger, pizza and chip eating, vodka and lager swilling footballers admitted they lived for today and any fertility problems would be typically viewed as the women's problems.

Statistics expose the men's misconceptions, it's just as likely to be the men as the women with infertility problems. Of the 1 in 6 couples with fertility issues it's the man in need of help in 50% of cases. 3 million UK men are estimated to be infertile to some degree.

ITV Tonight programme tested the footballer's semen for; 1)Quantity of sperm, 2) The Motility (sperms' ability to swim) and 3) the Morphology (quality of sperm head and shape of the sperm). Tonight then put them on a special diet with an increased percentage of Vegan foods for 100 days (the shortest agreed time before benefits begin to be noticeable)

The footballers reported various improvements "feel really good", "awake", "I lost a stone" were some of the comments.

Of the 11 footballers, after 3 months many of them had seen dramatic improvements to their sperm despite many of them continuing to drink alcohol against the London Nutritionist's advice.

8 of them had an average increase in sperm motility of 32%, 5 of the men had an average improvement in morphology of 72% and 5 had increased their number of sperm by an average of 43% (one by 53%)

Although not conclusive evidence this should be more than enough motivation for infertility couples trying changes to diet rtaher than shooting straight into IVF treatment at an expensive London Clinic with all the side effects, inconvenience and cost that IVF brings.

For more information about natural alternative health alternatives to IVF ( or as a complementary treatment to enhance assisted conception and IVF Fertility Treatments please see Food for Life Nutritionists at London clinics at

Founder of Foods for Life Yvonne Bishop-Weston is the GMTV nutritionist assisting with Lorraine Kelly's The Baby Race on LK Today. She is registered with Foresight the preconceptual and fertility charity.