Sodium Benzoate - Causes Cancer ? Destroys DNA ?

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More research has emerged after the Independent on Sunday first broke the story. It appears that when mixed with vitamin C some common E numbers become carciogenic. In addition when some E numbers found in drinks are mixed with E numbers found in crisps the potency then becomes seven times that of the E number chemicals found singly.

More research is urgently needed to find out the full effects of cocktails of E numbers on our bodies.

The Independent on Sunday reveals...

According to Professor Piper, sodium benzoate has a destructive effect on living cells, destroying the DNA in the mitochondria. In essence, his laboratory tests on yeast cells suggest that such preservatives generate free radicals which, in turn, damage cells. This oxidative damage, he says, is the kind of done by ageing and by alcoholic binges. Professor Piper is disappointed at what he sees as a "complacency" among the soft-drinks industry over the potential dangers of additives.

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