Sales Of Quorn and Linda McCartney Slowing Down

Sales Of Vegetarian Foods Are Predicted To Grow At A Declining Rate Over The Next 5 Years To 2010

Market analysts are predicting that the growth of sales of market leaders in the Vegetarian foods market is slowing down.

Foods for Life London Nutritionists suggest that the market leaders are not in touch with the core market and that the sales for vegan foods are increasing much faster.

Things may surprise the analysts as Marlow Foods Quorn and Cauldron have been bought by Premier Brands and Linda McCartney and Haldane ( Real Eat, Granose, Direct Foods) have been bought by Hain Europe.

Previously these brands showed a lack of understanding about the healthy eating market. Many products have eggs in them which are not considered vegetarian by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs or even by strict vegetarians and vegans.

Lack of protein is an issue too - many of the Quorn products have less protein than a bar of sugar free chocolate ( see Plamil sugar free hemp chocolate )

Companies such as Redwoods, already leaders in innovation, are set to become market leaders by understanding all the maket drivers and preferances of this rapidly expanding market.

Companies such as Redwoods, Plamil, Alpro and Doves Farm embrace the environmental and fair trade aspects of ethical consumers as well as ensuring their products are vegan so thus suitable for everyone.