Against Animal Tasting? - Stop Supporting Animal Testing

The Lush Ma Bar Will Always Be Vegetarian!! by Lush Cosmetics Cruelty Free Vegetarian Organic Bathroom Products

Lush say if you against Animal Tasting you should watch out for animal products and animal testing in your cruelty free bathroom products and organic skincare cosmetics too.

Tallow (hard animal fat) is commonly used in soaps, but Lush prefer to use a vegetable base. And not only this, there are many other animal ingredients lurking in your bathroom products to look out for … The Vegan Society list shellac (crushed insects) which may be used in nail varnish; civet (from anal pouch of civet cat); musk (from male musk deer); chitin (from insects and crustacea) and keratin (protein from hair, horn, hoof and feathers) may be used in shampoos, conditioners and skin care products; gelatine (from animal bones, skin and hide) and elastin (from meat) are also from animals.