UK Bird Flu Outbreak at Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory

UK Bird Flu Outbreak at Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory

Did we really need any more evidence that the true cost of cheap meat is too high a price to pay - it endangers health and the sustainability of the planet.

Over 2000 turkeys in Suffolk died of bird flu in just four days?


Roo said…
The story is amazing! All the talk is of how prepared we were for something like this. The birds starting dying on Tuesday, it wasn't until thousands had died by Thursday that they called in the experts. During that time farm it could easily have passed into the 'wild'. There is also no mention wat they originally did with the corpses of the original birds that died.
The other amazing thing is the so called 'leak proof' trucks they are using to transport them 200 miles to the nearest facility to dispose of the birds. These 'leak-proof' trucks are your normal tipper trucks with a tarpaulin thrown over the top.
CoralPoetry said…

Congratulations on becoming a Blog of Note. You have a blog full of interesting stuff, although none of it appears to be corroborated by concrete evidence - but it is food for thought if you have not much to do with your day.