Too little fat 'can make children overweight' | the Daily Mail

Too little fat 'can make children overweight' | the Daily Mail

Experts in Nutrition have been saying this for a long time - you have to eat fat to lose fat. (good oils such as flax and hemp)

Children who eat too little fat can end up overweight, a new study has found.

Researchers in Sweden discovered that eating the right sort of fat kept the weight of children down.

Those who were significantly overweight consumed low amounts of unsaturated fat, the type found in fish, olive oil and vegetables. (and hemp and flax)

Scientists at Goteborg University looked at the eating habits and lifestyles of almost 200 healthy four-year-olds.

Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements that relate weight and height showed that 23 per cent of the children were overweight and 2 per cent clinically obese.

Most of the children came from good socio-economic backgrounds. The researchers said a broader range of children would probably have yielded more who were overweight.

Examination of the children revealed that weight increases were due to the body storing too much fat - but those who ate the most fat were not the heaviest with children who ate less fat having higher BMI readings.

The researchers believe lack of omega-3 fats was especially significant.


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