Tofu - Reduces ovarian cancer by 44%

Eating tofu can slash ovarian cancer risk | the Daily Mail
Eating tofu regularly can almost halve a woman's chances of developing ovarian cancer, according to researchers.

A study found that a daily portion of 10gm of the food, a meat substitute made from soya bean curd, cut the risk by 44 per cent.

This level of consumption releases around 3mg or more of isoflavones, the plant hormones in soya believed to protect against some forms of cancer and heart disease.

Scientists from the Northern California Cancer Centre carried out the research involving 100,000 active and retired teachers.

In total, 280 cases of ovarian cancer were diagnosed.


Okay, this sounds great. But, I have tried Tofu and been so very unimpressed. What is the best way to eat it?

The best way is to make it into an Orgasmic Chocolate Mousse

You can also make it into mayonnaise or vegan cheese by blending with oil and bouillon mix.

I makes a great chessecake or quiche.

You can also just marinade it and then bake it in the oven until it starts to get crispy.

You can use tofu instead of Paneer in Indian dishes.

Just like cheese there are many different types of Tofu - shop around to find one you like.