Dump Dairy say The Food Doctor

woman dumps dairy in bath as it's cheaper than water and doesn't reflect the true cost The Food Doctor says Dump Dairy

In response to an article in The Daily Mail reporting that a high fibre diet can prevent cancer The Food Doctor Diet team advice is 'Dump Dairy'.

They join an ever increasing number of health professionals begining to realise some of the modern myths about the benefits of cow's milk on human health.


Jen said…
Sounds like more and more health resources are supporting a plant-based diet! I tell my friends that veganism, my choice, is supported by health educators, and they don't believe me. Already I've seen two of your articles that go hand in hand.
Finnie Family said…
A few years ago I met Richard Ngwenya in Zimbabwe who runs a nutritional clinic for people who are HIV+. What struck me about this man was that 99% of his clients were poor often from rural areas, so clearly he wasn't making a lot of money from them. He changed my life by showing me my blood and explaining candida. After meeting Richard, I gave up all dairy and some other stuff. Years later I have slipped and I do enjoy a small amount of cheese but otherwise I eat no dairy and definitely don't drink milk at all. My health has improved dramatically, I feel good and enjoy an active life. I had no allergies before so didn't do this for those reasons, but I'm so glad I changed my diet.
Renegade said…
Nice photo! I always pour milk on my breakfast! Mmmmmmm... she looks tasty, I love pink meat!

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