Burger King Advert Slated

Are you Man enough for Obesity and Heart disease?

Food and farming charity Sustain has hit out at fast food chain Burger King over an advertisement for its XL Double Whopper burger. The print and TV ad carry the strapline ‘are you man enough’.

Richard Watts, coordinator of Sustain's Children's Food Campaign said: "One in three children is now obese or overweight. Given this epidemic of childhood obesity, the last thing the country needs is for teenagers to be told it is 'manly' for them to eat these unhealthy burgers.

Watts continued: "This kind of advert shows the food industry cannot be trusted to regulate itself. If the Government is serious about defusing the health timebomb of obesity, they need to end TV adverts for this kind of product before the 9pm watershed."

Sustain says an adult male would have to walk about 9 miles (15 kilometres) to burn-off the energy supplied by a Double Whopper.