Paris Hilton Diet - Diet Tips for Blondes?

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What is The Paris Hilton Diet? Is Paris Hilton a vegetarian or Vegan ? This headline suggests she is....'Paris Hilton Tells Dieters: Eat the Most Fabulous Food There Is!' - That sounds like a vegan diet to me.

In her book, Confessions of an Heiress Paris Hilton her blonde girl teen diet advice. A die-hard fan of McDonald’s and Taco Bell, she recommends eating chocolate, fast food, lasagna, and Coca Cola.

Maybe - thats all vegan hey? ( Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Fast Food, Vegan Lasagne and Coca Cola?)

The bleached blonde fashion junky also encourages girls to eat plenty of sushi, ( packed with antioxidant-rich veggies ?) seaweed and fish.

And as well as The Paris Hilton Diet tips, some domestic advice "Learning how to make healthy meals at home will save you both money and calories and will also impress your family! Paris also recommends staying away from diet sodas and artificial sweeteners, girls to drink the real version instead. Although drinking Coca-Cola may not seem like a diet tip that doctors would stand behind, the dippy diva is right in cautioning her audience to be wary of diet foods. Just because a food has “diet” in the name doesn’t mean that you should be eating it, so make sure that you don’t fall for these reduced fat food faux pas. (Go girl! many reduced fat items are laced with sugar!)

The heiress also believes that life is too short to deprive yourself of the foods you really love.

Thank goodness!

(if you were looking for the Hotel Paris Hilton in Paris, France please look here)


veggies said…
Although not the brightest star in the sky, I would have thought that instant foods for Paris would be delicious fresh fruits and salads. As she has a pet dog, surely she would not want to eat animals. You can't call yourself an animal lover if you eat them surely.

Mike Maybury VIP
Vegetarian Information,Portsmouth