Proof of Hormones in Meat and Dairy Milk : Study

Hormones in Meat, Milk and other Dairy Products has long been a contetious issue. Meat and Dairy Industry say the many hormones in their products are not absorbed instead blaming beneficial phyto-oestrogens in plants. Do we need any more proof than this study that animal hormones have an effect on our bodies?

A Long Island, N.Y., obstetrician who studies factors contributing to multiple births reports this month in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine that women who eat meat or consume dairy products are five times more likely to deliver twins than are women who stick to vegan diets, in which no animal products are consumed.

The obstetrician, Gary Steinman, says that given the greater risk of complications in multiple births, women considering pregnancy may want to seek protein from sources other than meat. For no babies at all, we presume, the traditional advice applies.

Perhaps it's the case that people who consume large amounts of meat and dairy are more likely to have fertility problems due to the excess saturated animal fat and thus are more likely to undergo IVF treatment and thus more likely to have multiple births.

Or maybe it's just the hormones in meat and dairy?