Not Enough Fish in The Sea for UK Govt Omega 3 Plans

Not everyone is delighted at the Govt's plans to dose children with omega 3 DHA and EPA (see Independent - Omega 3 on the menu)

London Nutritionist and founder of Foods For Life Yvonne Bishop-Weston says that "Apart from the issues of toxity in fish from dioxins, PCB's, xeno-oestrogens and heavy metals there are simply not enough fish in the sea for this type of mass dosing of omega 3 DHA and EPA from fish."

Luckily there is now an algae based sustainable alternative to fish called V-pure. A special strain of algae has been found that is rich in both omega 3 long chain fatty acids DHA and EPA . It's grown in tanks so is toxin free and environmentally friendly and doesn't endanger fish stocks.

Schoolchildren are to be given fish oil supplements to boost their brain power and improve their behaviour and ability to concentrate under plans being considered by the Government.

Health professionals fear that youngsters do not get enough Omega-3 in a daily diet dominated by modern convenience foods. Increasingly, they believe a lack of these nutrients can contribute to poor learning, disorder and violence in the classroom.

Now government experts are to examine whether daily doses of fish oil in capsule or liquid form might help to improve classroom behaviour and exam results.

The Food Standards Agency, the Government's advisory body on food, is conducting a major review into the effect of Omega-3 fish oil supplements on children's behaviour.

Alan Johnson, the Secretary of State for Education, who recently met the chef Jamie Oliver to discuss nutrition in schools, has asked to see the results. "The Food Standards Agency is currently conducting a systematic review of research looking at the effect of nutrition and diet on performance and behaviour of children in schools," he said. "This includes investigating studies that have used Omega-3 and -6 fish oil supplements in schools. While this work is not yet concluded, we will of course examine its results with interest.

omega 3 vegetarian DHA EPA vegan omega 3 from Algae not fish

See also vegetarian dha epa information - buy now at V-Pure Online

Press Release - "Not enough Fish In The Sea for Omega 3 Plans"

George Monbiot picks up the Torch for this subject in The Guardian with an article entitled ' Not Enough Fish In the Sea '

Yvonne talking about School Dinners and Packed Lunches (MSN)


Joanbev said…
I take Flaxseed oil tablets every day. These have plenty of Omega 3 and as far as I can tell they are not toxic. Anyone else take them?
This is a common mistake people make.

Omega 3 is the name given to a range fatty acids that are in a chain. Flax is rich in the short chain Essential fat ALA (or LNA).

Your brain and many other organs and functions in your body need the long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA.

There IS NO EPA or DHA in FLAX.

Algae is the only vegetarian direct source EPA and DHA and is the reason why fish are rich in EPA and DHA (fish eat algae or eat other fish that eat algae.)

There is some evidence that pregnant women are better than average at producing EPA from ALA but that would be all used up by the baby.

There is no scientific study that I've seen where anyone in the World was able to achieve optimum levels of EPA and DHA from eating flax.

Even amognst fish eaters only a group of women who lived near a lake in Africa and the Japenese who eat lots of fish come close to a EPA DHA rich levels and are noticably more mentally agile.

There is no competition with Flax or even hemp (which has a slighter longer chain omega 3)when matched against DHA and EPA rich algae oil.

Flax seed oil tablets are a waste of money - instead get a good organic hemp oil and pour it on your salad and on your porridge or make a smoothie.

If you want to take a omega 3 tablet make sure it's V-pure.
Anonymous said…
is there a reason it must be v-pure? i take Healthspan Cerebrum capsules, vegetarian algal dha. 2 caps per day = 200 mg of dha. this is a bit less than the amount of dha in v-pure, and also v-pure contains epa aswell, however the v-pure are much more expensive.
sync_ron_icity said…

I have managed to get our morning routine down from 1 of these, 2 of those, one of this, 2 of them other things . . to one shotglass full of FrequenSea from ForeverGreen.

Cellular level Ionic Whole Food nutrients. It's best to just watch the video . .