Dairy Council slams McCartney wife milk health claims

Dairy Council slams McCartney wife milk health claims Dr Judith Bryans, director of The Dairy Council, said the claims were "irresponsible, biased and inaccurate"

Removing all dairy products from the diet could have serious health implications, she said.It was important to remember that Ms Mills McCartney and Professor Plant were not qualified dieticians or nutritionists and their views were based on personal experiences, she added.

COMMENT - The Dairy Council will have to do better than try to wrongly rubbish Proffessor Jane Plant's credentials - she is a life fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine so has some very influential and highly qualified friends! The other speaker was Professor Campbell , Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell and most of their claims are backed up by The World Health Organisation. The VVF event was stowed out and there were only a few spare seats at the launch of White Lies at Guys Hospital on Wednesday night.

Interesting that the Dairy Council described it as innacurate before they'd even read it! Hypocritical in light of this research that they call it irresponsible and biased.

There was a 2 ft stack of research to back up these claims and peer reviewed sound science discussed by the nutritional experts.

There are few independant researchers left in this world, someone has to pay the bills and to hear these people speak without a big global pharmaceutical company pulling the strings is compelling.

More than half of the world's peoples don't consume milk and have strong bones and far less incidents of key cancers than us. The more you look into it the more worrying it is for the UK Dairy Industry.

Telling young girls to drink milk for beauty is not the answer - the gamble that fat in milk will win over the sugar in cola in the healthier skin stakes could seriously backfire in the face of Dairy Council executives.

As Marks and Spencer and St Ivel ensure Vegetarians reduce milk consumption by adding in fish oil the future for UK Dairy Farmers looks bleak.
The Dairy Council needs to go back to the drawing board and stop wasting The Farmer's money.