Toxic fish oil contains cancerous chemicals

Boots Omega 3 fatty acid Fish Oil is Toxic

Stories in Wednesday April 12 Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror confirm that Boots has withdrawn supplies of its own-brand Super Strength Fish Oil Capsules because of illegally high levels of dioxins. The scare follows a recent move by Seven Seas to pull certain cod liver supplements due to a similar contamination. Dioxins are environmental pollutants and are usually removed during the manufacturing process, however, tests on two batches of the Boots capsules found levels to exceed the legal limit of two micrograms per kilo. Despite the illegal levels, both Boots and the Food Standards Agency reported that the levels that were present would not pose a risk to people's health, with an FSA spokesperson assuring consumers that: "The threat from dioxins comes from exposure over a long period of time - continued exposure at high levels. These are above the statutory level but do not pose a threat to health."

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Anonymous said…
I eat fish daily, but try to eat fish low is mercury and pcb's like alaskan salmon and tilapia.

Am i at risk of getting too much toxins if I eat fish and sea food daily but try to eat the less toxic fish?
The trouble is deciding how much is too much. There's a little in pretty much everything these days.

When it's easy to avoid toxins then I think it's smart to do so.

Algal oils can provide EPA and DHA without the risk of toxins and be kinder to health, people, animals and the environment.

See omega 3 fatty acid for more details.