Documentary offers 'Food' for thought

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - "The Future of Food," a documentary about the genetically modified (GM) food industry is a cross between "The Corporation" and "Super-Size Me."

"The Future of Food" attacks GM food on three fronts. The first is on health grounds. Interviewees say that GM food has not been proved to be a safe source of nutrition. Nature has been regulating what we eat for thousands of years, but no one knows what side effects might result from food that has been genetically modified. The fact that GM food does not have to be labeled as such in the U.S. -- though it does in Europe -- also means that it's difficult to trace any illness back to it.

The second attack is ecological. When GM seeds stray into fields of non-GM crops, they take over, and the other crops die. This, say experts, is beginning to destroy the diversity that is nature's way of maintaining our planet's ecological balance.

The third attack is political. Court rulings have upheld GM food manufacturers' right to sue farmers if their seeds accidentally grow in their fields -- even if the farmers are unaware that the GM crops are present. This, in some cases, has led to the near ruination of small farmers.


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