Vitamin Ban by EU -- UK health news 20050713 Better Health: why the answer is on your plate
Source: Times 2 Date: 13/07/2005
In the light of today's ruling on vitamin supplements by the European Union, the Times 2 section offers a two page guide to replacing vitamins readers may be taking in supplement form with actual food that contains the vitamins previously supplied by these tablets. The article features contributions from Dr Thomas Stuttaford, who argues that supplements are essential to many people's diets. However, it is stated that there would be no health crisis amongst the public as a result of the ban.

Foods For Life says "Prevention is obviously better than cure and we applaud the Times for highlighting healthy foods. The trouble is that after many years of neglect or illness many people's stores of these vitamins and minerals are so low they have led to serious imbalances. Supplements are the easiest and quickest way to rebalance the body. It is a total hypocrasy to target natural remedies in this way and turn a blind eye to the thousands of pharmaceuticals that create serious illnesses instead of healing people. Intensive and modern farming methods have also led to serious mineral deficiencies in the soil such as selenium. It's not hard to guess who's behind this new legislation."