Nutrition and Health Writers - Trusted

Natural Products Magazine: "New research by the Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA) reveals the extent to which people increasingly trust and rely on newspaper health pages to help them make vital decisions for themselves and their family.

Writing on this theme in The Observer, NMA director Maureen Duffy said: 'The health pages make people particularly women as the principal carer in a family feel empowered. According to the NMA research, the readers of health columns believe that the content and advice given must have been well researched and therefore be trustworthy.

The effect of this is that people are acting at all levels on the advice offered by the likes of Dr John Briffa, Carole Caplin, Yvonne Bishop-Weston and Fred Kavalier everything from seeking out a particular herbal remedy to encouraging their children to sit in front of their Playstation less. "