Nutrasweet Aspartame cancer risk. -- UK health news 20050715: "Sweetener's link to cancer" .
Source: Daily Mail Date: 15/07/2005
The Daily Mail and others report today on new claims surrounding the artificial sweetner NutraSweet. The artificial additive, also known as Aspartame, that is used in 6,000 diet food and pharmaceutical products, has been linked to cancer by the European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences. The research has suggested that cancer could be triggered by chemicals created by aspartame as it is broken down in the body, such formaldehyde and methanol. The report has now prompted the European Food Safety Authority to call for an expert review of the EFOE data. "

FOODS FOR LIFE says Use a natural sweetener like Stevia or Xylitol. Low GI/GL Xylitol is usually made from Birch Tree bark and has been used extensively since the Second World War. Dentists love it as it actually supresses bacteria unlike many artificial sweeteners. Due to it's low GI/GL low carb rating it's great for weight management, it also tastes great.

Xylitol, Xylosweet, Perfect Sweet, xylitol sugar alternative, natural low carb sweetenerXylitol was first extracted in the 1890’s by a German chemist. It was first manufactured shortly after the Second World War in Finland where there was a shortage of sweeteners following the war. In the 1950’s it was found to be a normal part of our metabolism. It has been used in foodstuffs since the 1960’s in Japan, the former Soviet Union, Germany and Switzerland. In 1963 the American Foods and Drugs Administration approved its use for special dietary uses such as diabetic diets. In 1988 they allowed it to be classified as a food additive.

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Aspartame studies show cancer and obesity risk - False Claims? Hoax? You decide.- Details about Splenda (sucralose) - Splenda is not Splendid


George Lake said…
Thanks, Splenda is just as bad as Nutrasweet. Earlier today I posted parts of a piece about the results of mice testing with Splenda. I listed both of the two substitutes that you listed plus the occasional use of Agave nectar. Granted Agave should only be used occasionally and doesn't have all the benefits that Xylitol and Stevia have.
George Lake