Mistletoe extract may treat bladder cancer - Healthypages news

Mistletoe extract may treat bladder cancer - Healthypages news: "After surgery for superficial bladder cancer, treatment with a mistletoe extract appears to be effective at reducing tumor recurrence, German researchers report.
Mistletoe extract could be a potential alternative postoperative therapy for treating patients with superficial bladder cancer successfully, 'without the typical side effects induced by other therapies,' Dr. Ursula Elsaesser-Beile from the University of Freiburg, told Reuters Health.
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) has been shown to decrease tumor recurrence significantly after surgery for bladder cancer. However, serious side effects and even deaths have prompted a search for alternatives. So far, none has been equally effective.
Mistletoe extracts have been shown to act favorably on proteins that affect cancer and have been widely used for many years as alternative therapy in patients with malignancies. "


It has been found that mistletoe helps in combating cancer. It has been observed that mistletoe cause lesser side effects than chemo and radiotherapy. Mistletoe extract bolster the body’s immune system in combating tumours. For more information on it, refer Mistletoe extract