Mercury In Fish - More evidence

European Authority finds mercury and other dioxins in farmed and wild fish Natural Products Magazine: "FSA reports on high levels of fish contaminants - July 20, 2005
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claims to have found significant levels of methylmercury and dioxins in both farmed and wild fish.

Although no real differences were found in the level of contamination between farmed or wild fish in terms of safety and nutrient contribution, the concentration of contaminants overall varied depending on breed of fish, and type of contaminant.

Methylmercury is claimed to be the most toxic form of mercury found in the human diet, and the most predominant form of mercury in fish, affecting the human nervous system and the developing brain. Dioxins are said to affect the development of the male reproductive organs, and exposure to the contaminant when pregnant is not advised.

The accumulation of toxins are said to take months, sometimes years, to clear properly from the body. As a result of the study, the EFSA have warned that women of a child bearing age, or those who are attempting to become pregnant, should limit their weekly intake of fatty fish, such as salmon, trout, mackerel and tuna to two portions, at 130g per portion. "