Fluoride in water cancer risk

bmj.com -- UK health news 20050613: "Fluoride in water linked to cancer
Source: Daily Mail
Date: 13/06/2005
The Daily Mail today reports on new research by scientists at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, which has suggested that adding fluoride to tap water can increase the risk of boys developing bone cancer. Currently fluoride is added to the water of around six million people in the UK - 10 per cent of the population - by health authorities in the Midlands and North-East. The Environmental Working Group is calling for fluoride in tap water to be formally added to a U.S. government list of substances known or feared to be carcinogenic to humans. Dr Vyvyan Howard, a senior toxicologist at the University of Liverpool, said that the evidence of a link 'seems pretty strong'. The study found that fluoride does not pose the same risk to young girls, but scientists say that they have not worked out why this is. "


Vicki R. said…
I'm amazed to see how many people out here in cyber space are opposed to fluoride! This is great! I've been reasearching the subject for about five years now and have even developed a line of anti-fluoride T-shirts. For those of you who are interested, they can be found at http://www.cafepress.com/breakingnews123