Crisp sales down by 12% in UK

Is the UK public finally getting the message that Gary Linekar is the devil and a peddlar of heart problems, obesity, alzhiemers, strokes, diabetes, and osteoporosis? Sales of crisps are down by 80,000 tons say mintel.

Natural Products Magazine: "Crunch time for crisps as shoppers look for healthier alternatives - June 15, 2005
Are Britons finally curbing their crisp cravings? This is the question posed by a new survey from Mintel which finds that crisp and savoury snack sales have plummeted by 12% since 2002. In tonnage terms that's a fall from 360,000 tonnes to 280,000 tonnes.

Mintel says last year appeared to be a turning point. Crisp and snack sales had been in slow decline for a number of years but fell away sharply in 2005 as media concern over issues such as obesity and high-fat, high-salt foods reached a peak. "

Mintel analyst David Bird predicts that a wave of vitamin and omega-3 enriched snacks will arrive in the coming year as the industry tries to get its products to appeal to health conscious parents.


Anonymous said…
Dang, that's a MAJOR decline in chip sales!!! Now, if only the US could follow suit. I say congratulations to you guys, maybe we should watch what you did and try to repeat it!!!