Cranks - still Cranks.

Awwww - Cranks bless them ! despite Nadine Abensur's and Yvonne Bishop's best efforts it's kind of nostagically reassuring that those nutters at Cranks who were giving us wholemeal pastry in the 1960's when everyone else was getting out of their heads on cheap drugs and free sex have now done a back somersault to prove they are still cranky and out on the fringe.

Whilst even Nestle are spending millions of pounds to woo the grown up Cranks fed baby boomers with a range of wholemeal breakfast cereals - dear dear old,40 year old, vegetarian Cranks are giving us WHITE BREAD!!

cranks still cranky white bread when everyone else is moving on to wholemeal

Cranks, Organic Breads: Phil Lynas tells us "Our customers tell us that organic is good as long as the food is simple & wholesome. Thats why all our breads are organic and free of preservatives, which does mean that they have a slightly shorter shelf life than other breads, but they're so good they're usually eaten by then.

Along with our famous Organic Wholemeal and Honey & Sunflower Breads, we've just launched our new Organic White and Malthouse Breads. We hope you like them."

Meanwhile healthy vegetarianism and now veganism has seemingly moved on and left poor old cranks standing, and a little bemused.

BBC - White Bread could spoil your diet.

CBS - White Bread Linked to diabetes

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