Vegetarian Option Often Not the Healthiest Option Says UK Nutritionist

Vegetarian Option Often Not the Healthy Option Says UK Nutritionist: "As we draw close to the UK's National Vegetarian Week, London Nutritionists Foods For Life say Simply cutting the meat out of your diet is not enough to reach optimum health
(PRWEB) May 12, 2005 -- London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop Weston BSc Dip ION admits over 95% of the patients she sees in her London Clinics are meat eaters and the few vegetarians she does see are usually healthier than average.

However she says "The trouble is that you need to put better than average in perspective - the UK average diet is causing our nation a whole host of preventable diseases and problems such as infertility. I think vegetarians and vegans and the organisations and societies that represent them should set a much better example if they want to prove this is potentially the best diet on the planet."

There needs to be more emphasis on the need for high quality mixed proteins and essential fatty acids in the diet. A lot of vegetarian literature leads you to believe you'll reach your daily quota of key nutrients almost by accident - it's simple but not quite that simple.

On a diet of coffee, toast, pizza, pasta and chips it just won't happen."


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