Grapefruits for ulcers and Cancer drug toxicity -- UK health news 20050518: "Grapefruit ulcer hope
Source: Daily Mail
Date: 18/05/2005
In a very small snippet in the Mail, scientists have claimed that grapefruit seed extract - sold in health food shops - could dramatically reduce the level of gastric secretions in the stomach, thus helping to heal stomach ulcers. After six to nine days treatment with the extract, existing ulcers declined in size.
Cancer catch 22
Source: Daily Mirror
Date: 18/05/2005
With the recent report of Kylie Minogue's breast cancer diagnosis once again bringing the illness to the headlines, a small item is noted in coverage of the issue in the Mirror. According to research from the American Cancer Society two in three children who beat cancer are made ill later by the treatments that saved them, due to cancer drugs' toxicity. Researchers studied 10,397 children under 15 between 1970 and 1986. "