Hillside animal sanctuary sends farmers to jail for illegal slaughterhouse and animal cruelty

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A father and son have been sent to prison for running an illegal slaughterhouse in North Yorkshire where "botched" killings where carried out.

Two men jailed for horrific illegal slaughterhouse

Tony Bishop-Weston from Hillside Animal Sanctuary said: "I think it is a disgrace really that it is down to volunteers from an animal sanctuary in Norfolk to go out and get the evidence to help Trading Standards bring this case foward."

Jailing the father and son for three months each, district Judge Ray Anderson said they had shown total disregard for the welfare of the animals in their control, and for the laws which are there to stop contaminated meat getting into the food chain.

Graham Venn from North Yorkshire Trading Standards said it is one of the worst cases they have ever seen: "The conditions were appalling. Not only were the animals cruelly treated, but there was a serious threat to human health from contaminated meat entering the food chain."

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Hillside Animal Santuary, Norfolk