Doctors fail to link diet & IBS

John Briffa highlights the problems of Drs' lack of nutritional Knowledge

Quite often Doctors are still making things worse rather than better | Health | Dr John Briffa: Gut reactions: "Even those without any knowledge of the workings of the digestive tract might suspect that symptoms emanating from this organ may have something to do with food. In fact, IBS is quite often triggered by reactions to specific foods. This has not gained widespread acceptance by the medical establishment, which usually advises sufferers to increase fibre intake. However, one study found this was generally ineffective, and exacerbated symptoms in more than half of those with IBS. This is likely to be explained by the fact that those seeking fibre generally find it in bran-filled breads and cereals based on wheat, which nutritionally oriented practitioners find is the most common offender in IBS.
While wheat is a frequent trigger, other foods can be implicated, too. Those with IBS can therefore benefit from identification of problem foods. Several methods of testing exist, such as kinesiology (muscle testing) and dowsing. I believe all such methods have some validity, though those who are more comfortable taking a more 'scientific' approach may have their blood tested for IgG antibodies to specific foods. One study published last year in the journal Gut found that elimination of foods identified by this form of testing was beneficial for IBS sufferers. For details, see"