Sunshine Vitamin D May PREVENT cancer.

Sunlight may have unexpected anti-cancer effects - Healthypages news: "Two new studies suggest that exposure to sunlight might not be as risky for cancer as is generally believed.

Scandinavian researchers show that high UV radiation exposure is associated with a reduced risk of lymphoma, while another team reports that sunlight-related melanoma skin cancers appear to be inherently less aggressive than those that arise in non-exposed areas.

Dr. Karin Elkstrom Smedby, from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and colleagues investigated ultraviolet radiation exposure as a possible cause for the increasing rates of malignant lymphoma seen in recent decades.

Instead, the researchers found that high UV radiation exposure, as measured by frequent sunbathing and sunburns, cut the risk of the non-Hogkins type of lymphoma by up to 40 percent depending on the level of exposure.

The study involved 3740 patients with malignant lymphomas who were compared with 3187 matched 'controls' from the general population. High UV radiation exposure also seemed to protect again the Hodgkin's type of lymphoma, but the association was weaker than with non-Hodgkin's disease. "