Milk is not the answer to oesteoporosis -- UK health news 20050215: "A possible new treatment for osteoporosis
Source: Daily Mail
Date: 15/02/2005
It seems crazy that health proffessionals still advise dairy to fight osteoporosis. See earlier article about milk.

Roger Dobson, health correspondent in The Daily Mail, reports that nitroglycerine is being used in research as an ointment to treat osteoporosis. Researchers in America are using the ointment on a group of women aged 40 to 65, and they believe that it will slow down the bone-thinning process by preventing natural bone loss. The doctors believe the ointment could be an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy, and claim it has little or no side-effects. The ointment is called Nitro-Bid and is the same type of product as that used for angina. "