Friday, November 26, 2010

Review health professionals Diet IQ Says Nutritionist

A number of leading human health charities seem to lag behind the current nutrition thinking based on the latest research and studies.

There is no doubt the key to success lies in dramatically increasing the amount of plant foods in our diet. A new film Planeat provides evidence that confirms this.

You don't have to call yourself vegan or vegetarian to be healthy but you should  follow the plant eaters lead to dramatically  reduce the amount of meat and dairy from the level that's found in the average western diet.

"We need to move from a calorie dense diet to a nutrient dense diet. Calorie counting is a smokescreen, if you focus instead on nutrients you'll find yourself feeling more satisfied and less likely to crave food that has absolutely no worthwhile nutritional advantage to offer your body" says London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston.

"We need a review of the way government and health professionals look at food and health - their ambivalence towards nutritional therapy and optimal health is costing the world billions of pounds of public funds as the world gets more obese, more diabetic, more riddled with heart disease, more cancerous"

"I would mention more infertile too but I think they honestly consider that a self limiting solution!"

Planeat the movie provides research and evidence of a plant based dairy free diet that may reverse the effects of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers

This is at odds with Cancer Research UK who allege on their website that "Strict diets such as macrobiotic or vegan diets do not contain dairy or animal products. This can stop you getting enough nutrients for your body to work properly"

Cancer research suggest that "You may become short of calories, vitamins, calcium, protein, and iron"

Planeat provides evidence to support a completely contrary statement "you may become short of life if you eat too much meat and dairy"

Planeat's evidence also contradicts dietary advice from Leading anti cholesterol related disease charity, Heart UK whose 'Best Choices' include Lean pork, ham, lamb, beef. Extra lean minced beef. Liver & kidney FH.Chicken & turkey without skin. Veal,venison, rabbit, game." should be eaten 1-2 times a day dairy should be eaten 2-3 times a day

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas is coming the yanks are getting fat!

Planeat the movie - Finally the truth about food and health
Got fat?: "Annual cheese consumption in the United States has grown from 11 pounds per person in 1970 to 33 pounds per person now, which may help explain the rise in obesity and related illnesses. Dairy Management supports this troubling trend by encouraging fast-food restaurants to market new products laden with high-fat cheese. Its efforts include helping Domino's develop extra-cheese pizzas containing two-thirds of the daily recommended amount of saturated fat per slice, according to a recent story in the New York Times."

"A copy of Planeat the movie needs to be given to every member of the US Senate - at least then they can't say 'we didn't realise'" says London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PLANEAT Health + Nutrition Truths

Home Page | PLANEAT:

We were invited to the premiere of a new documentary movie last night in London. Planeat features interviews with the Doctors who are behind President Bill Clinton's experimentation with a vegan / plant based diet.

Although the numbers in the study are still small the results are outstanding, they are saving peoples lives and rather than just stopping the progression of chronic disease they are repairing sick people's bodies.

Trailer linked to from PLANEAT on Vimeo.
Let's hope Bill Clinton's example can alert the western world that the sense of hopelessness and 'Fait de Complété' can be blamed on myths propagated by a culture of an over-reliance on drugs

If you know anyone suffering from any of the major chronic diseases that plague our modern western society we urge you to take them to see this movie

Visit or to sign up for latest screenings

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Weight Watchers and Slimmers at War

As ESSEX is dubbed an obesity "time bomb" after figures revealed nearly a quarter of people are dangerously overweight.: meanwhile Rosemary Conley declares war on Weight Watchers today

"Our slimmers consistently achieve astonishing weight losses because my diets are based on calorie counting! I really question whether WeightWatchers understand the mentality of the dieter with their U-Turn on their calorie based principles." says Rosemary Conley, CBE

Claiming herself to be the UK's leading Diet and Fitness expert, Rosemary Conley, remains strong in the belief that calories are the way forward and that they are the only way dieters will lose vast amounts of weight at a sensible pace and keep it off.

WeightWatchers is meanwhile apparently discarding its famous fat and calorie-based 'Points' plan, in favour of a new points system that allows alcohol and fast food.

"Tell this to a dieter, struggling to shift the weight, and they will think that they can do it every night. Dieters don't buy into the concept that this is reserved for special occasions only. Fast foods, like burgers and beer, offer little nutritional value to someone on a health kick. In addition it encourages dieters to eat junk food instead of selecting healthier meal options.

Leading UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says they are both wrong.

" The trouble is everybody is different. The jigsaw puzzle that leads to successful, sustainable weight loss has a big piece that is based on emotional wellbeing and the psychology of motivation and compliance. There's no doubt that some people do respond well to the group support of weightwatcher's approach and the dictatorial Rosemary Conley approach. Certainly exercise is another important part of the weight loss jigsaw, but for many people neither approach is perfect or sustainable" Yvonne reveals.

There are a number of underlying health problems that can either thwart sustainable weight loss or make it frustratingly much more difficult than usual to deal with - these health conditions should be ruled out first.

Calorie counting is a very simplistic way to lose weight and can lead to easier weight gain in the future. Great for weight watchers as you have less chance of ever being able to leave the club but not the best for you.

It's nutrients your body needs not calories, so the Weight Watchers change is sensible but not if they still refuse to remove nutritionally worthless foods from the basic concept and opt for quality rather than quantity.

Likewise Rosemary's 'fruit is evil' approach is equally over simplistic and based on the assumption that all dieters are stupid.

By far the most successful sustainable method of weight loss is to educate yourself about what your body really needs and why, if you felt you had to see your nutritionist every week for the rest of your life we would feel we were not doing our job.

Of course some people don't want to think for themselves but we find when people actually understand the way to eat and why it's important and then start to feel optimally healthy rather than just 'not ill' they are far more self motivated.

"We rarely need to see clients more than 3 to 4 times unless there's a serious health condition to deal with, empowering patients to be in charge of their own health is much more fruitful not just for weightloss but optimal health too." says Yvonne.