Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Council tried to seize ‘veggie’ child

Council tried to seize ‘veggie’ child - Times Online

It's bizarre that that in this day and age with healthy vegan heroes such as Leona Lewis proving a vegan diet is not just viable but superior to the average diet, truly bizarre that a family was criticised for avoiding meat and dairy.

Even the MRSA ridden, pill popping, Burger King hosting, constipation afflicted, dehydrated NHS admit "children can be brought up healthily on a vegan diet"

What on earth was going on in Lewisham where a family was threatened by social services and health professionals with having a child taken into care and denied legal aid for deciding not to feed their children Meat and Dairy.

The family weren't even vegetarian let alone vegan, they eat fish, to attack them for avoiding two groups of food that are consistently negatively implicated in studies about diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and some cancers is bordering on professional incompetance.

Meat and dairy is the staple diet in Croydon, we even have a Burger King selling Beef Burgers and Milkshakes in the foyer of Croydon's Mayday hospital, yet Croydon is labelled as the unhealthiest borough in London.

The children in Croydon are not getting more and more obese on too many fruit and vegetables - it's too much sugar, too much fried chicken and burgers, too many milkshakes and not enough vegetables that are making them sick coupled with not enough activities outside in the sunshine.

Annabel Karmel was on LBC radio this morning with Nick Farrari saying our children need nutrient dense food - she's right they do need nutrient dense foods NOT calorie dense food lacking vitamins and minerals.

Meat and dairy come free with lots of saturated animal fat - it's essential fats from plant foods our children need more of not saturated animal fat.

No prizes for guessing Annabel Karmel is not a qualified nutritionist or dietician - worrying that vegetables have too much fibre in them. No wonder so many kids grow up to be constipated and overweight when people like Ms Karmel are held up as children's food gurus.

There are laws against recommending fresh cows milk for babies - it doesn't have the right balance of nutrients and fats for humans. Take a look on the ingredient panel of baby formula and see the things that have to be added to make it a little more like human breast milk.

Annabel and Nick had succumbed to the myth that milk is the best source of calcium despite mounting evidence that a plant based diet is a better source of calcium

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Atkins still Atkins says London Nutritionist

Atkins-EMEA - New Atkins New You

Atkins has been rebranded with a get out of Jail free card

The 'new' Atkins diet includes the new line advising

* A daily requirement for at least five servings of high-fiber “foundation vegetables”

This is the line that will make it acceptable to scientists who were previously warning the Atkins diet was dangerous and could cause kidney problems.

But despite the new logo seemingly claiming that the sun shines out of the Atkins International backside it's still a pro meat, anti carbohydrate, high saturated fat, low antioxident, low essential fat diet fad diet says London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston.

"The marketing people have just squashed Atkins into a slightly different shaped box - it's still the same beast, it still has unpleasant side effects and it's still going to perpetuate the myth that meat is more important than a rainbow of vegetables on your plate"

"What's wrong with the Atkins diet? It's more fresh vegetables that we need in our diet not more meat. More essential fats and anti-oxidents not more factory farmed saturated animal fat" says the London Nutritionist.

Author Tony Bishop-Weston says "It's true, highly processed nutrient stripped carbohydrates are the root of all nutritional evil but we need to replace them with colourful fresh vegetables and anti-oxident rich berries not saturated fat rich dead meat"

Free Nutrition in London by Nutritionist

London Nutritionist on Nutrition

It seems the competition for nutrition therapy is becoming fiercly fought in London after many more students have decided to study Nutrition courses to become a nutritionist and change career for a life in complementary health. As patient how do you choose which of the many Nutritionists in London to trust your health condition with?

Free Nutrition Consulations?

On price? How much will they charge? How much does a nutritionist earn? Some nutritionists now offer an initial consultation for free! Yes believe it or not, free nutrition consultations even in London. There are even free nutrition programs on line that claim to diagnose from your symptoms.

Leading UK nutritionist in London and former tutor at The Institute of Optimum Nutritionist in Richmond Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "I find people don't value free information as much as when they pay for it and are likely to be less motivated and then less likely to be compliant and thus benefit from the advice and get well"

"My most appreciative clients, apart from the people diagnosed with infertility and who've been helped to have healthy babies, are the wealthiest clients who can afford the most expensive tests. Often they've previously spent a fortune around the world and despite their wealth they are still suffering, they get referred to me, they get the answers they are looking for and become well in only 2 - 3 visits. They are by far our best ambassadors"

The most expensive tests aren't essential they just help the nutritionists to get the root cause of a problem and help to solve it far more quickly. If time is precious to you then time off work even saving one extra visit to the nutritionist can save far more than the cost of even the most expensive test.

"Sometimes what's not going wrong in a nutrition test is as important a clue as what is" says the nutritionist.

Yvonne also reveals that no matter how much you learn at University you can't beat experience. "It's hardly ever as simple as it is in the textbooks. People are often suffering from a unique individual mix of causes and experience helps you to unravel the ball of ill health and put the pieces of the jigsaw together far faster as time goes on. After many years of experience you can avoid all the trial and error and cliched mistaken identity that you have to battle with when you are newly qualified." she says.

However the London nutritionist admits you can never rest on your laurels. These days technology and understanding on health matters moves forward at an alarming rate. Registered professional Nutritional therapists are obligated by their governing body to commit to a minimum level of CPD (continued professional development) each year.

Luckily so too are dieticians now obligated to review their knowledge. Now much of the superstitious food industry sponsored fables they used to be criticised for are fading away. Old habits die hard however and some old school dieticians still seems to get locked into defense of sugar rich food, saturated fat rich dairy food and calorie counting but is massively reduced. We are now seeing dieticians begin to embrace and use nutritional therapy tools such as probiotics that nutritionists have been using for decades.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Nutritionist London Nutrition Advice

Nutritionist London Nutrition Advice

Very simple 1st step nutrition advice from leading Nutritionist, London Yvonne Bishop-Weston from a new healthy eating DVD by WDF . Here she dicusses protein as a nutritionists tool to balance blood sugar levels and thus mood, stress, weight management and energy levels.