Insurance Compaines Decieve America

The White House - Blog Post - Weekly Address: Taking the Insurance Companies on Down the Stretch

President Obama has the Health Insurance companies in his sights and he is taking them on head on . He doesn't mince his words in his latest address and he has the backing of big business who are realising that the American insurance companies will cost businesses commercial viability if insurance giants keep screwing everyone with their doubling premiums and gross profits and bonuses.

Obama accuses insurance companies of trying to kill reform at any cost risking unleashing havoc on the American economy as premiums double again over the next 10 years. President Obama reveals Health Insurers and their agents as deceptive, dishonest, misleading the American people, willfully ignoring the truth, having asked researchers to cook the evidence, creating smoke screens' producing bogus phony studies and bending the truth in their cynical political games.

At present there is no incentive for true 'health care' the profits are all in 'sick care'.

Obama seems committed to changing that.

True health insurance lies in the hands of nutritionists. It's by far the most cost effective investment for healthier living. The choice is yours invest in future sickness insurance or invest in optimal health assurance.

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Anonymous said…
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Lisa Musick said…
Would you say that true health reform lies within each one of us? If someone doesn't want to quite smoking even though he or she knows it is unhealthy, they probably won't quit. I feel it's the same with diet and exercise. My question is, with all the press about obesity etc, why don't overweight people seek out help?

What are your comments on this?
Vegan Chef said…
1)Mass apathy that nothing can be done due to snake-oil diets that make matters worse long term.
2) Fat is cool lobby - anti discrimination culture that condones people killing themselves the slow and painful way
3) A food and sugar lobby, with a massive million dollar advertising budget, that makes it very difficult to change anything
4) A corrupt insurance, pharmaceutical and health system that puts profit before human suffering
5)lack of nutritional and psychological expertise amongst medical and health professionals