Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nestle's Obesity Summer Swindle

The Nestle Press Release says

"NestlĂ© is offering families the chance to try out one of 37 different activities for free at more than 4,600 venues. With activities ranging from martial arts, swimming, dancing, paint–balling and scuba diving, the Get Set, Go Free promotion gives families the opportunity to attend a free activity session or lesson. Since 2006, 1.6 million activity sessions have been given away. Families can take part by collecting points on a wide range of NestlĂ© family favourites, including Kit Kat®, Cheerios® and Nesquik® on promotional packs available in July and August"

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "That would all be great were it not for the fact that unsurprisingly you can only get the points by eating sweets that are full of calories but practically empty of any useful amounts of nutrients. That's the real cause of the obesity epidemic, food rich in calories rather than food rich in nutrients. It would be interesting to calculate how many nutrient depleted Nestle calories you have to consume, and the relevant extra body fat that would result in , to entitle you to an activity and then compare it with calories burnt up by the activity. I strongly suspect the nation is being duped into thinking that Nestle are trying to help and that the net result of this marketing campaign will be net weight gain and add to the childhood obesity problem not alleviate it."

EarlyBird Diabetes Trust

EarlyBird Diabetes Trust: New research by the EarlyBird Diabetes Study claims that lack of exercise is a result of obesitynot a cause of obesity and that that physical activity has little if any role to play in the obesity epidemic among children.

London Nutritionist
Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "This is a useful bit of data. We have manic exercisers visit us all the time in our London Harley Street clinic because they just can't lose weight no matter how hard they (allegedly) try in the gym. Of course exercise is important but unless you cleverly tweak the diet you can sometimes end up not just failing to lose weight, but facing weight gain"

"It also suggests we are being conned by the food industry who are currently trying to justify their £million advertising contribution to obesity by offering sports toys having successfully thwarted FSA attempts to educate the UK public about sugar and what it does to your body."

A review published in 2009 of all trials using physical activity to reduce childhood obesity showed weight loss amounting to just 90g (3oz) over three years, and the EarlyBird study wanted to know why the trials were so ineffective. So they challenged some popular paradigms.
It is well known that less active children are fatter, but that does not mean – as most people assume it does – that inactivity leads to fatness. It could equally well be the other way round: that obesity leads to inactivity.
And this is the question EarlyBird was uniquely placed to answer. With data collected annually over several years from a large cohort of children, it could ask the question – which comes first? Does the physical activity of the child precede changes in fatness over time, or does the fatness of the child precede changes in physical activity over time?
And the answer, published recently in Archives of Disease in Childhood, was clear. Physical activity had no impact on weight change, but weight clearly led to less activity.
The implications are profound for public health policy, because the physical activity of children (crucial to their fitness and well-being) may never improve unless the burgeoning levels of childhood obesity are first checked. If this cannot be achieved through physical activity, the focus has to be on what – and how much – children consume.
EarlyBird has already shown how the trajectory leading to obesity is established very early in life, long before children go to school, and how most childhood obesity is associated with obesity in the same-sex parent.
While portion size, calorie-dense snacks and sugary drinks are all important contributors, early feeding errors seem crucial - and physical activity is not the answer.
EarlyBird is based at the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth, and has been observing in detail a cohort of city school children for the past 11 years. Obesity is the key factor behind diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Monday, July 19, 2010

.:CAMELICIOUS:. healthy camel milk


Dubai is apparently about to try not to flog us a dead horse but flog us healthy camel milk.

Apparently it has half the fat of normal cows milk, up to 5 times the amount of vitamin C and more unsaturated fatty acids than cow's milk too.

The Arab Emirates company also claim it's much more digestible than normal milk and suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Apart from the allergenic benefits it is also alleged to be free from some of the other problems that cows miolk is linked to such as aggravating ( some say cause) Chrone's disease, diabetes, rheumatoid and osteo arthritis
Camelicious also claim it's good for babies being much more similar to human breast milk than cow's milk but considering the UK and EU wouldn't even accept Goats milk Dubai are going to struggle to get Camel milk past the food industry controlled food police.

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "Is it healthier than normal cow's milk? - Probably! It would have to try hard not to be! There are bottles of water out there that are better for you than normal cows milk. Cow's milk is essentially saturated animal fat, sugar (lactose) , animal protein and water - there are many better forms of protein, fat, carbohydrates and water for sale than normal cow's milk.

Does camel milk taste nice? Raj in our local shop the wine spot says it's delicious but I'm not tempted to find out and I worry about the poor baby camels, what are they drinking instead? Cow's milk? Poor things! "

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Calorie Counter - Easter Eggs

Calorie Counter - Easter Eggs:

Many thanks to The Sun for their "Here's how long it will take you to walk off your Chocolate Easter Egg favourites" ...

Mars ... choccy

Mars Milk Chocolate Egg with two full-size bars, 89p

1,873 calories = A walk of six hours, 25 minutes

Yum ... Cr�me Egg

Cadbury Cre�me Egg with two extra milk chocolate eggs, 89p

1,034 calories = A walk of three hours, 45 minutes

Smarties ... scoff
Smarties ... scoff
Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Egg with mini eggs inside, �4.15

3,096 calories = A walk of ten hours, 30 minutes

Flake ... lovely

Cadbury Flake Egg with four small milk chocolate Flakes, 89p

916 calories = A walk of three hours, five minutes

Street ... Quality

Nestle Quality Street Egg with a bag of Quality Street, �2.29

2,770 calories = A walk of nine hours, 25 minutes

Saturday, July 03, 2010

100,000 Americans Die Each Year from Prescription Drugs, While Pharma Companies Get Rich | News & Politics | AlterNet

100,000 Americans Die Each Year from Prescription Drugs, While Pharma Companies Get Rich | News & Politics | AlterNet

Author Melody Petersen quotes a study that estimates more than twice as many Americans die from prescription drugs than who are killed in car accidents each day. The study looked only at deaths from known side effects. That is, those deaths didn’t happen because the doctor made a mistake and prescribed the wrong drug, or the pharmacist made a mistake in filling the prescription, or the patient accidentally took too much. So the actual figure could be much higher than 100,000 per year.

Even more worrying are the number of drugs now being prescribed for children.

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life says " many of these drugs are totally unnecessary and the conditions could be sorted with simple nutrition therapy by getting the body to work more efficiently and optimally by making sure the body has enough of the raw materials it needs to do it's job properly. It's all about balance"